19 January 2009

Most Amazing Opportunity

On Sat Jan 10 I had the most amazing opportunity. After moving to Oklahoma Grant and I quickly became friends with a family, the Cruz's, who had recently joined the church. Infact, now every Sunday night they come over for Family Home Evening. But on Sat they were able to go to the temple and be sealed as a couple and then to one of their 5 children for time and all eternity. --Side 2 of the other 4 have not joined the church and the other two were not ready to make the commitments necessary to have these blessings.

The spirit was overwhelming and the my testimony of the the church and its truthfulness was strengthened even more. I can not believe the amazing blessing our Heavenly Father gives us and how much he loves and cares for each of us. As a parent I have gained and learned some of that undying love, but I still continue to be amazed everyday at how much more I begin to understand the love He has for us and that He continues to bless us each and everyday.

Here are some pics from this great day!!

John and his Sister Nancy

Me, Nancy, Cruz's, Smith's

Cruz's and Nancy

The eternal Cruz Family


Anonymous said...

Thats awesome!!!! That had to be the collest thing.

~Water Flower~ said...

Thats SOOOOO cool! I am so happy for the Cruz's! YAY :)

Love ya,

Syd said...

Oh my goodness that is so amazing!!! I'm so happy for them:)