25 April 2011

36 hour Vegas Trip

April 1, 2011 I get a call from Linds saying I am getting married in Vegas tomorrow can you be there? So thanks to flight privileges I hopped on a plane and was there for the big day!!!

24 September 2010

Girls trip to NY


view from our hotel room during the day

Little Italy

Coney Island and the boardwalk

Katy Perry Concert on Good Morning America

View from hotel room at night

Brooklyn and Grimaldi's Pizza

Statue of Liberty from Brooklyn Bridge

City from the view of the car in Jersery

11 June 2010

Next Great Deal

So I got 4 packages of Always pads, 2 Nutrigrain boxes of bars, 2 Skittles all for a whopping $2.24 and then I got home and realized they didn't use the coupon for the skittles so it should have been $1.63 I might just go back and request my $.61 :) Oh and $1.55 of it was tax. As it is %91 savings. Could have been %94.

01 June 2010


I have gone crazy but have to brag cause I rocked it last night I saved $105.44 in coupons last night here is a picture of everything I got for $230.78 but got 3 free always pads coupons and $8.50 in coupons to use on future purchases. I also forgot to include in the picture the $13 in diapers and 3 totinos pizzas and 1 bag of shredded cheese. Plus I have a rebate on Kraft products so I will get $10 back in 6-8 weeks:)  This all came to a 32% savings

All in one shot

2 smaller shots one of each side

10 May 2010

Linds & Kelly

Well Linds & Kelly made their first trip to OK. I know this pics are like a month late but here is their trip in a nutshell

Tulsa Driller

It is a gas station with a little restaurant that sells over 500 different flavors of soda.

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial
It was the 15 yr anniversary and it was amazing the spirit and emotion you could feel there.

Downtown Oklahoma City they call it Bricktown...It has a river walk and lots of restaurants and the baseball stadium

Guess I didn't get many pictures of us all together or of people but now you can all have the same trip;)