18 February 2009

Maids for a day

On monday the Cruz boys were out of school and needed to earn some money so I gave the all the tasks that Grant and I haven't been able to get to. It was nice to have a couple of maids for the day, doing all my spring cleaning. They washed the blinds, windows, mopped and swept, vacuumed, took down the Christmas lights, and dusted all the trim.

They were here four hours so I fixed them lunch (one is 16 and one is 13) and we sat down to eat. They said to me...Is this all you do all day?
I said, "Yeah, cook, clean, watch Sam."
They said, "Everyday..all day?"
I said "Yes"
They said, "that is boring"
I said, "sometimes we go to play group or grocery shopping or the library or the zoo, but those aren't all the time."
They said, "uggg."
I said, "now you have a little more respect for your mom, huh? Now you will help her out more, right?"
They said, "yeah"

I thought it was a funny conversation to have, but great reality check for them.


Andrea said...

That's so funny! everyday...all day? lol!

~Water Flower~ said...

LOL- that is so funny :D I luv that!!! Ha-ha-ha


Anonymous said...

that is soo funny!!! I can see them saying that... everyday..all day?

Farley and Tina said...

Hey!! You are in our prayers!!