08 January 2009

Beehives ONLY Sleepover

This is really late in posting but the first weekend in December I had all 14 of the Beehives at my house for a Sleepover. We had a blast and I hope that each of them got something from all of our time together. Each of the Beehive Presidency taught what they thought was needed out of the For Strength for Youth and then the YW Pres and myself taught a couple. I taught on dating after being told that it was a huge pressure that these girls faced. What???? I was shocked they should barely even be talking to boys. ha ha Then we talked about the temple and each of them committed to being married there and not dating until 16 and no single dating until 18. All of you girls who read my blog are to remind the others about this commitment!!! That is where the board below came in and so for their b-days they are getting the sign that says TEMPLE I'll go inside someday. This is their reminder of their commitment.

On Sat morning each of their mothers came and we talked about Personal Progress. It was amazing. I have such amazing girls and they definitely inspire me! Here are some pics from that morning:


~Water Flower~ said...

HA! that's SO funny because today at school I was sitting on the bus waiting people to get on...and I was thinking about our commitment, I'll remind everyone I see...I LOVE YOU!

xoxoxo Desiree

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!! There is more beehives there than last time when it was the whole young womens group.HOLY COW!!!! I might remind them about their commitment. I think it will be fun to kinda bug them with that. =) Thats amazing i wish i was a beehive again. You look up to the others for an example and now i'm the example!! AAAAHHHHHH!!