13 July 2009

Blog overloads

Our 4 day trip for Lindsay going to the temple turned into almost an entire month. Thanks to Tricia Leroy and Trey for letting us invade their home for that long. We started out on June 11th because Lindsay went through the temple and we weren't going to miss that for anything. We were able to stay one more day (except Grant he had to go back and work) and got to see Becky and Frank and the boys. The day turned into all week and the next weekend flights didn't look good so Grant couldn't fly out to get us and so we ended up staying. Sunday night, Fathers Day, Sam had another seizure and that started us on another week. She had 3 more the next day so we got her into a pediatrician in UT and they got her back on her medicine:( The Dr said he would want us to allow 3-5 days before traveling anywhere. Grant drove out and we realized that the March hospital info that was faxed over to the UT Pediatrician was not recorded correctly and so we weren't giving her a full dosage of her medicine so that pushed it out another 2 days. Grant decided to fly back home and then he came back out on the 1st and we headed to Blanding for the 4th of July. Look at the kids blogs for pics and more details. We drove home the full 18+ hrs and that is without all the stops for feeding, eating, gas, traffic (stop and go in Denver for 2 hrs) and sleep (Limon, CO has a great Comfort Inn).

We are all doing great and have follow up apt. with our Pediatrician on Friday.

Here are pictures from the temple

The Girls Ash, Kacey, Linds, Tricia, and Me

BFF's since 3rd grade:)

Linds, Ash, and Clara
Linds and Clara

Tricia, Kacey, Me, Linds, and Clara

Tricia, Tobe, Kacey, Me, Linds, Ash, and Clara

Teresa, Linds, Clara, and Karma


~Water Flower~ said...

Sounds like our family on the crazy road trip!