22 May 2009


Am I crazy? Who knows, I know this isn't much, but a group of us are going to the 5k in Blanding for the 4th. I think I will end up walking most of it, but we have already started to get me in shape. We have walked the last two nights and I already notice the additional energy I have during the day.

Also, we just bought a treadmill today from our neighbors yard sale so now I can't use the excuse of the heat or can't make it to the gym. Once the dr approves me to be working out I think I will start doing turbo jam again too. I have missed that and started craving it around the last month of my pregnancy.


Andrea said...

good for you! makes me want to look for a 5k to do around here! I am on my second week of turbo jamming makes my day!

Anonymous said...

thats AWESOME!!!! I don't know what turbo jam is but sounds like fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! We are going to be in Blanding for the 4th! And I think we are doing the 5K too. Hope to see you there. Also, Scott wants to know what your Maiden Name is so he can ask his parents, you know, about the Blanding connection.