14 November 2008

Days to stay in bed

So Sam and I flew home on Wed from UT and both of us started having running noses on the plane. GRRRR!! So I went to grab something out of the pantry before going to bed early Wed night and I saw a mouse in our pantry. What the @#*! So needless to say I didn't go to bed early. We stayed up until 11:30 setting traps after Grant took a quick trip to Walmart. Then Sam and I were sleeping in on Thurs when we get a call from Grant that the pickup broke down on his drive into work. Thank heavens for such friendly Oklahoman's that towed him to the local Walmart parking lot where Sam and I went and got him. We got the battery charged and it made it home. I drank some OJ and I guess it didn't sit well on my stomach because it ended up all over our carpet. Then I was supposed to have a delivery of wood to cut for signs for Super Saturday this Sat the 15th and it didn't show. Can I rewind and start the day over????? Wow someone is really testing my patience!!:) Heavenly Father thank you for trials, but do they all need to come at once?

I guess I should just count my blessings that we have a job that buys food to attract rodents and that we have a second vehicle that starts and that we have somewhere warm to be!


Grant and Stacy said...

Wow, I bet you're glad this day is finally over!

Tammy said...

Yuck!!! But look at the bright side. One bad day and now your done with it!!!!
Grant hasnt updated his workout blog for a while. So I am just encouraging both of you to start back up if your not still hard at it.
Just joined Weight Watchers. Seems to be helping. That and 6 visits to the gym each week. STRUGGLE! Of all the genes in the world what happened to the skinny one my Dad could have left for me? I love you