19 May 2008

Saturday's Adventure

For Saturdays adventure Grant and I woke up at the crack of dawn 4 am to take our Youth Group to OK City to attend our Temple. Here is a view of Tulsa's Skyline coming home from OKC. Thanks to Grandma G from coming and babysitting Sam. We returned home around noon after taking 1/2 hour to find a fast food restaurant open at 10 am. Thank you Wendy's. Then we decided to head to downtown Tulsa...Sam & My first experience being in the center of Tulsa for the annual Mayfest festivities. The have local artists and musicians play while vendors, both food and trinket, line the streets. It was fun, but definitely reminded me I wasn't in Utah County anymore...A lot of alcohol and smoking, but still a great time had by all...(more pictures on Sam's blog.)

And here it is from the opposite view as we headed into Mayfest.

Heading home from Mayfest we passed the Fair Grounds and in front of their conference center they have the GOLD DRILLER. See below.

Here are pictures of Scenery of this beautiful green country we now live in. I miss my Mountains, but it is so beautiful and green here. I have seen an email going around about God spilling paint, some of the pictures below will dipict some of the similar thoughts I had when I saw that email. The colors of wild flowers along the road. The red dirt, maybe even darker than Moab, UT. The green for miles and miles. Oh and I had my first experience of seeing fog. This is just a little fog compared to some of OK fogs storms. Hope you enjoy!

Red Dirt

Temple it is beautiful


Oh I don't know how this got in here, but it is Grant mowing our lawn and some of our garden in the pots.

Forrest everytime we pass this sign we think of you. Yes, we do live close to Kellyville. It is about 20 miles west of Tulsa. We pass through it on the way to OKC.

Aren't they just beautiful?

Look at the fog or mist...remind you of Lord of the Rings?

Green as far as the eye can see. Many of these trees have limbs that were broken off in the ice storm but still attached enough to produce green on the broken limbs.


English Rose said...

Is that your own lawn mower?? Mike will be soooo jealous! He's always wanted one, but we don't have enough grass to need one that big. It's cool!