13 May 2008

Ranch Creek Young Women

Here are pictures of our Sleep Over at my house last Friday May 9th. We had a 4 P's party (Personal Progress Pajama Party). We didn't allow anything in that didn't start with a pretzels, popcorn, pumpkin pie, pink-purple-periwinkle-etc colored blankets, pillows, pringles, etc. We had a blast. We started off making homemade Pizza's and then the Bishop joined us and answered questions that the girls had written earlier in the week. They had some spiritual ones as well as ones like if you could be an animal which one would you be.

Here are pictures of him eating Pizza with the girls.

Then we had a daughter of one of the other leaders who had just returned home from her mission come and talk to the girls and answer any questions they had for her.

Then we did make overs and talked about personal hygiene. Here are the girls after there glamorous makeovers. Thank you to Nu Skin who taught me all this kind of knowledge that I could share with these amazing young women.

Smiley picture.... Aren't they beautiful little princesses? I love that they all did their hair and makeup for the pictures, but we are all in our PJ's (another P).

This one we were having fun making Sexy Face Poses.

Here is our Crazy Pictures. Hope you can tell how much fun we had!

Mother and Daughter. Beauty Queens!

SOLOS' of our Princesses










Here are 3 of the girls from above.

It is now about midnight and we had the girls get their scriptures and personal progress books out and we worked on Personal progress until 2 am then we watched Princess Bride and went to bed at 4:15 am. I then woke them up at 8 am and we had Parfaits and wrote in our Journals. Their parents picked them up around 10. Grant and Sam came home at 11 and I took a nap at 2. It was a busy weekend but very fun! We bonded, were uplifted spiritual, physically, and emotionally. What a great opportunity for us and the girls.


Darla Rasmussen said...

It looks like you all had a great time! Shelby sure did love it....especially the makeup part! You guys are great YW leaders!