23 April 2009

It's a BABY...almost

Okay all - here's the deal. Since Stacie originally set up Sammie's blog under the name samanthaleeann.blogblahblah... we thought we'd do the same with this baby for it's blog. Problem: we don't know who it is yet cause it's not born. So, check back here later for the link to the new blog where all the postings will happen.

If you're lucky, I'll even hack into her email account and send out the link in an email, but only if I'm feeling ambitious. ;)

On a more helpful front, Stacie is just finishing up her induction into the maternity ward here at Bailey Medical Center. They're just going through the medical history questions. We've got the baby's heart monitor set up - 152 beats a minute at the moment for all you who might care.

Stacie is doing well, despite only getting just a few hours of sleep last night due to Miss Pill herself. But she is in good spirits, awake, happy, and content. She told me she is nervous and just a bit anxious now that the moment has finally arrived.

I just asked if she if she had a special message, but she doesn't have anything at the moment.

Loves to all.