06 October 2008

The Tulsa State Fair

Tulsa State Fair was the past 10 days. We went a couple of times, but here is our last visit. The Percheron (I don't think I am spelling it right) Horses were beautiful

The last like 10 years they have had a butter sculpture. Here is what it was this year. I should have taken a picture of the sign because it had all the details, but I think it said it was like 800 lbs of butter and took 10 hours to make and is stored at a temperature of 34 degrees.

We also watched a few of the shows like a magician, a hypnotist, but our favorite was Dan Dunn's Painting. Some may have seen him on Ellen. Here is a link to Dan's web page

He also did one of a race car driver (sorry my knowledge here is limited) and then one of the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty he did in 3 min.


Grant Gardner said...

I guess everyone else was too embarrassed to say it, so I will.

That's not exactly the most flattering angle for the picture of the butter sculpture cow. ;)