13 September 2008

Dave Ramsey- FPU

So we are taking this class called Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. It was recommended by my Aunt and I cannot thank her enough. It has helped me be so much more disciplined with my money and we have only been to two classes.

This class I realized the importance of a point he made. Integrity. We always say we have Integrity as Christians, but he made a good point about it in a money sense that I had never thought of.

After teaching his children how money works etc.,they would set up checking accounts for their kids when they prove they understand money, usually around 13 yrs of age. His first daughter did great, the second wasn't as responsible and bounced a check. He said you are going down to the bank and apologizing for lying to them. You spent money you said you had when you really didn't and that doesn't show Integrity.

Unfortunately, in my life I have bounced a couple of check (not recently) but when I first started living on my own and learning to adjust to spending money and not having time to really keep track of my money with school and everything. This really hit me that my Integrity was not up to par and that time and made me realize how important it is to continually and in all we do show others how to become like Christ, even in circumstances like money and keeping our Integrity and not buying things we don't have money for.

It is a fabulous class. Here is the website if you are interested They have them in every state. He is very entertaining and is a great teacher and motivator.


Tammy said...

I am so glad you guys are taking the classes. It is so valuable to your future. Yea for both of you!!!
love you,