07 July 2008

A Tribute

I know it is a little late....But I want to say Thank you and post a tribute to those who are serving in our Armed Services to protect our rights and Freedom!!! The stories of the war remind us that it is going on....but it hit me so much more as a reality when I saw familiar face among the crowd of soldier pictures...These are my cousin who is serving over in Baghdad.

2nd in from the right on the back row...This is my cousin. I am so proud of him and the dedication to our country that he is showing by leaving his pregnant wife to go and protect our rights.

Sorry this is late I didn't get a chance to do it before we went to Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

Hey Stac- We were in Blanding for the 4th. Thought of you. We enjoyed many of the annual Blanding festivities... the 5K, the midnight baseball tournament, and the boxing tournament. My brother in law boxed and knocked the guy out in the first round. Crazy Blanding :)

Far & Tina said...

Hey Stacey! I loved your comment! You are the best. Did you guys have fun? When did you get back?