18 June 2008

The Last 20 Years...

20 Years ago...

1. I was almost 11 years old.
2. I was excited to go into mutual and into the middle school.
3. Beginning of Linds and my strong friendship. We were friends before with a whole bunch of other girls but it was this year that we started becoming close.

10 Years ago...
1. I was 21 and lived in Provo at 3rd South with none other than Linds and our hideaways.
2. I was working at Nu Skin and going to BYU and trying to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up.
3. I bought my first 4 wheeler and piano. Man I was blessed to buy so many toys while working and going to school.

5 Years ago...
1.I had finished BYU and was still working at Nu Skin.
2. I lived in Orem with Linds and Tiff and Jola. This is the year I met Grant. Can't believe it has been 5 years.
3. I bought my second 4 wheeler and finished paying off my pickup.

3 Years ago...
1. I was putting Grant through school at BYU and we were living in our apartment.
2. I took my first trip to Oklahoma and said I never want to live there.
3. I taught Sunday School for my first time ever as a partner with Grant.

1 Year ago...
1. I was 5 month pregnant.
2. I just got home from San Fransisco and Yellowstone earlier in the year.
3. I turned 30.

So far this year I...
1. I have had a baby and moved to Oklahoma and quit working after 11 years at Nu Skin and with the severance package from there we were able to have a better down payment for a home and bought our first house. Spoiled me it was brand new. Grant asked there is something I need to the future will your homes have to be brand new?
2. I work with the Young Women in our ward and enjoy their strength and spirit.
3. Loved every minute of being married. (yep, every minute)

Yesterday I...
1. Worked out and cleaned my house and updated my blogs.
2. Started my antibiotic for my abscessed tooth before the root canal.
3. Watched National Treasure 2 with Grant and kept plugging info into our new phones.

Today I...
1. Update my blogs some more.
2. Do some more cleaning, dishes, dinner, go to mutual which is swimming, and hopefully Sam will sleep through the entire night.
3. Work out if my teeth ever quit hurting today. I thought the medicine was supposed to help??!?!?!?!

Tomorrow I...
1. Will Clean my house in preparation for Mom and Dad-in-laws to babysit Friday while Grant and I go to Phantom of the Opera.
2. Workout!! See a pattern??
3. Prepare my lesson for Sunday and do some laundry.

In the next year I...
1. Will read The Book of Mormon again.
2.Will continue to get in shape.
3. Will continue to teach Sam things and learn things myself.

Now---I tag... Hillary, Karen, Andrea, Ann, Kara, Misty, Tricia, Cassie, Mom, Linds, Ashley, anyone else who wants to do it! Also, those who don't have blogs...perfect opportunity to start one!


Far & Tina said...

Stacie! That is funny that you said you would never live in Oklahoma.